Nursing Center Fees and Services

Daily rates vary depending on the type of room. We offer private, expanded-double, and semi-private rooms. For current room rates, please contact our business office.


  • Room and utilities
  • Dining services
  • Laundry
  • Nursing services for any level of care
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments on Aquidneck Island
  • Cox expanded basic cable
  • Recreational activities
  • Spiritual services


Rates DO NOT include:

  • Prescription or non-prescription medications
  • Specific toiletries, sundries, and clothing
  • Most specific medical care supplies (i.e. oxygen)
  • Beauty salon services
  • Physical, occupation, and/or speech therapy


NOTE: Medicare and Medicaid coverage is available according to need and eligibility. Cox expanded cable is provided, but residents are responsible for providing their own television. Telephone services are available in resident’s room at resident’s expense for installation, service and equipment. If a resident is not utilizing personal phone services, we will assist them in by providing access to a phone and a private place to make phone calls.  Our staff can help set up any televisions and phones if necessary.

For Medicare and Medicaid covered residents: The Nursing Center will not charge for items or services for which payment is made under Medicare and Medicaid, including routine personal hygiene items, over the counter drugs, nail hygiene, bathing and basic laundry services.