Nursing Center Resident Handbook


The Staff of John Clarke Nursing Center would like to welcome you to our facility.  It is our goal to make your stay as comfortable, beneficial, and enjoyable as possible. Always realize that each and every staff member is here to serve you. Please call us for anything we may do to make your stay more satisfying.

We have designed this directory to introduce you to the facility and the services available. The information provided will also help to familiarize you with life at the Center. We encourage you to ask questions so we may further help your transition to the facility.

Remember, a trained staff of professionals is available 24 hours a day to meet your physical and emotional needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality care with the patience and understanding you expect from a professional health care organization.


Visiting Information

We encourage all family and friends of our residents to make frequent visits. The John Clarke Center has open visitation hours. This means that with the consent of the resident/representative, family and friends can visit at any time. The facility has the right to impose reasonable restrictions on visitation privileges to protect the security and well-being of all of our residents. Visitors may also join our residents for lunch and dinner by making advanced arrangements with the business office. A nominal fee is charged for the meal.

We especially encourage family and friends to visit and dine with residents on holidays and other special occasions. Please let us know how we can make these occasions more memorable for our residents.

  • We do request that visitors do be in good health while visiting.
  • As a healthcare facility, we must be cautious about spreading germs.
  • We require that all smoking be done in designated areas.


Recreational Activities

At John Clarke, we believe that there is more to our residents’ well-being than their physical health. Therefore, we provide daily activities that are meant to stimulate our residents and encourage them to socialize. For any residents who struggle to remember when and where all activities are, our staff provides assistance getting them to and from activities. A schedule of our activities is posted throughout the facility, as well as in each of the residents rooms. Special and/or personal activities can always be arranged for important occasions. Simply inform the Activities Director in advance and they will make every effort to accommodate your request.

  • Entertainment: outside (not JCRC staff) entertainment is provided for our residents.
  • Special occasions: we have a monthly birthday party that involves birthday cake and outside entertainment. We also celebrate most major holidays with our residents by having holiday themed parties.
  • Family and friends: guests are more than welcome to join our residents for any activities. For certain events, such as the Christmas Bazaar, families are notified ahead of time in hopes of bringing The John Clarke community together.


Resident Council

While we always residents to please voice any questions or concerns at any time, our monthly Resident Council meetings provide them with the opportunity to get together and in a more formal venue to share any ideas, questions, concerns, etc. that they may have regarding The John Clarke Center. Participation in resident council meetings enables our residents to provide input into the daily planning of facility life. Topics discussed can be anything from initiating a new activity or exploring new menu options to the care being received by the residents. The meetings are facilitated by the Activities Director.



Volunteers have an important function in every nursing facility. We would like to encourage family and friends to become involved in our activities through volunteer participation. If you have time available for community service, please consider our facility as an option. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Activities Director.


Spiritual Services

Here at The John Clarke Center we recognize the importance of the spiritual needs of our residents. Therefore, we have our own Chaplain who oversees the spiritual well-being of our residents. Religious services are conducted on a regular basis in our chapel. Non-denominational services are provided regularly, while monthly services are provided for major denominations. Outside staff is utilized for more specific services such as catholic mass or last rites. If you require a religious or spiritual service that is not presently offered, please contact our the Chaplain who will make every effort to accommodate your spiritual request.


Nursing Care

All nursing care is given under the direction and supervision of the Director of Nursing. A licensed nursing staff is on duty 24 hours a day. Questions concerning medical condition, current treatment plan, or Prognosis should be directed to the Charge Nurse.

The John Clarke Nursing Center offers a full range of restorative services in the areas of physical therapy and speech therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

In the event of medical or surgical complications beyond the scope of care available at the facility, the resident will be transferred to a hospital (unless the resident’s advanced directives state otherwise). This is always done with an order from the attending physician. The facility will notify family members or guardians immediately if a resident requires transfer to the hospital. If hospital admission is required, your family should contact the social worker as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of reserving your room during the hospital stay. A room reservation will insure placement back at the John Clark Center after hospitalization.


Leaves of Absence

If approved by your physician, you are permitted to leave the facility for short periods of time. We require that you notify the Nursing Department at least 24 hours in advance of your planned departure. This allows the Charge Nurse to supply you with necessary medication during the leave of absence. We also require that you sign out at the Nursing Station as you leave. It is important that the facility knows your destination and estimated time of your return. There are some restrictions however.


Responsibilities of Patient, Family, or Guardian

Private Residents:

It is the policy of the John Clarke Nursing Center that all private residents pay their room charges one month in advance upon admission and all charges thereafter are due by the 5th day of each month.

Medicaid Recipients:

Under state regulations, it is the responsibility of the Medicaid resident, family member, and/or guardian handling the recipient’s funds to remit to the facility social security income, pensions and any other income. (Known as Patient Liability).  This payment is to be made UPON RECEIPT OF SUCH FUNDS as it is applied to the cost of care. The state allows a monthly personal need stipend from these funds. All medication and other applicable nursing supplies are provided under the Medicaid program through the facility.

Other Provisions:

Each resident will furnish his or her own clothing and other personal needs. The facility is not responsible for clothing lost or damaged during laundering.

Clothing and Personal Items:

We encourage each resident to have at least seven (7) complete changes of clothing available. All clothing MUST be marked with resident’s name. This helps us ensure that all of our resident’s get to keep their all of their belongings throughout the laundry process.

We strongly recommend that ALL VALUABLES BE LEFT AT HOME. The facility will not be responsible for missing valuables left at the bedside.

Food and Drugs at the Bedside

The John Clarke Nursing Center Food Service Department operates under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian. The Dietitian reviews each resident’s diet to ensure it meets with the personal physician’s recommendations. Therefore, we ask that you check with the nursing staff prior to bringing in food for a resident. This help to ensure that any food brought in will be consistent with the resident’s dietary needs and restrictions. If food is brought in it must be stored in a covered container marked with the residents initials and the date it was stored, and placed in the refrigerator provided for that purpose in the resident kitchenette area by the nurses station.

Food brought in by visitors from outside sources may not be stored, cooked, or plated in our main kitchen.  This measure is in place to protect our residents from food borne illnesses.

All medications, including antacids, salves, and aspirins must be ordered by the physician and stored by the nurse. There is NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE, as it is strictly enforced by the Department of Health.

Television and Telephone Service

Residents may bring a television for personal use.  The Maintenance Department will attach your television to the cable service provided.  We currently use Cox Expanded Basic Cable.   Arrangements can be made for additional Cox Cable Services privately.  You or your responsible party must make telephone arrangements directly with the telephone company.

Safety Requirements

Fire and safety regulations prohibit the following items to be used in the facility:

  • Electric heating pads
  • Electric blankets
  • Smoking materials, except in designated areas
  • Cut Christmas trees



Employees are not permitted to accept gratuities from residents or visitors. We ask your cooperation in helping us uphold this basic rule of hospitality.



The John Clarke Nursing Center has a passenger vehicle, which is used to transport residents to and from various appointments. This as well as other sources of transportation is used to transport groups of residents on various activities. Family members are invited to come along with us to your appointment and are also encouraged to take residents to appointments whenever possible.


Resident’s Rights Preamble

Every resident of The John Clarke Nursing Center is entitled to recognition of various rights and the respect of his or her human dignity. These rights include the same freedoms, privileges, and civil rights and liberties enjoyed by any other citizen. Each resident also has obligations and responsibilities to the facility, its staff, and to other residents. Among these rights we wish to call to your attention to the following:

  1. To be fully informed of all the rights and all rules and regulations governing resident contact and responsibilities prior to or at the time of admission and during stay;
  2. To be fully informed, prior to or at the time of admission and during stay, of services available at this facility, and of related charges including any charges for services not covered under title XVIII (Medicare) or XIX (Medicaid) of the Social Security Act, or not covered by this facility’s per diem rate;
  3. To be fully informed by a physician, of your medical condition unless medically contraindicated (as documented by the physician in the medical record), and to have the opportunity to participate in planning your medical treatment and to refuse to participate in experimental research;
  4. To not be transferred or discharged from this facility unless for medical reasons, or for your own welfare or for that of other patients, or for nonpayment of your stay (except as prohibited by titles XVIII (Medicare) or XIX (Medicaid) of the Social Security Act), and to Receive reasonable advance notice of any contemplated transfer or Discharge to insure orderly implementation thereof, and to have actions and decisions related thereto documented in your medical record;
  5. To receive encouragement and assistance from the staff of this Facility throughout the period of your stay to exercise your right as a patient and as a citizen; and to this you may voice grievances and recommend changes in policies and services to the Facility Staff and/or to outside representatives of your choice, free from restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal.
  6. To manage your personal and financial affairs, or if the responsibility therefore is delegated in writing to and accepted by the facility for any period of time in conformance with state law, to receive at least quarterly an accounting of financial transactions made on your behalf;
  7. To be free from mental and physical abuse, and free from chemical and physical restraints, except as authorized in writing by your physician for a specified and limited period of time, or when necessary for your own protection or the protection of others;
  8. To be assured that confidential treatment will be accorded your personal and medical records, and of your right to approve or refuse their release to any individual outside the facility, except in the case of your transfer to another health care institution or as required by law or third-party contract;
  9. To be treated always with consideration, respect, and full recognition of your dignity and individuality including privacy in the treatment and care of your personal needs;
  10. To be free from any request or requirement to perform services for the facility that are not included for therapeutic purpose in your Plan of Care;
  11. To associate and communicate privately with persons of your choice, and send and receive your personal mail unopened, unless Medically contraindicated (as documented by your physician in the medical record);
  12. To retain and use your personal clothing and possessions as space permits, unless to do so would infringe upon the rights of other residents, and unless medically contraindicated (as documented by the attending physician in his medical record);
  13. To be assured privacy for visits by your spouse if married, and to share a room with your spouse if he or she is also an inpatient of this facility, unless medically contraindicated (as documented by the attending physician in the medical record);

All rights and responsibilities specified in paragraphs (1) through (13) above as they pertain to (a) a resident adjudicated incompetent in accordance with State Law, (b) a resident who is found, by his physician, to be medically incapable of understanding these rights, or (c) a resident who exhibits a communication barrier-devolve to such residents guardian, next of kin, sponsoring agency (ies), or representative payee (except when this facility itself is representative payee) pursuant to the Social Security Act and regulations issued hereunder.

To all Residents and Families:

Please note that under chapter 23-17.5 of the General Laws entitled “Rights of the

Nursing Home Patients” you are entitled to form a family council. A family council is an organized group of family members, friends and residents who meet in private without the presence of facility staff.

Please contact the Administrator if you would like to create/participate in a family council.