Retirement Center Fees and Services



**Please Inquire With Admissions for the Latest Rates at 401-846-0743  x 100

One Bedroom Apartment
One Bedroom Remodeled Apartment
Two Bedroom Apartment

Baptist Subsidized Apartment – based on income and availability.


Dinner (large meal)
Supper (smaller meal)
Daily (all 3 meals)

Household/Personal Laundry Service
Household OR Personal
“Do it yourself” Laundry
“Do it yourself Laundry for two


1. Choices of optional services may be changed at any time.

2. Total monthly charges are billed on the first of each month with payment due at the Business Office by the fifth. Checks may be made to The John Clarke Retirement Center.

3. A deposit of a sum equal to one month’s rent is required at the time of entry. This deposit will be held in an escrow account to be returned to you upon departure (less the cost of significant repair to the apartment).

4. The John Clarke Retirement Center provides heat and hot water. The tenant pays for electricity, telephone service, and cable television if desired.

While we do our best to keep the site up to date, JCRC reserves the right to change these prices without notice on this website. Please contact us for the latest charges and options