Retirement Center Handbook


The staff and residents at the John Clarke Retirement Center warmly welcome you to your new home.  This handbook is provided for your convenience and will serve as a reference guide pertaining to the specifics of life at the John Clarke Retirement Center.  It outlines the basic services offered at our facility and discusses the responsibilities of both tenants and management.

The staff, Board of Directors, and our entire John Clarke Community look forward to ensuring your time with us is pleasant, comfortable and safe. Along those lines, suggestions for any improvement in our facility are always welcome.  Feel free to see the Administrator at any time.

Please keep this handbook for your use and future reference.  Additional copies are available at the Business Office.

Again, Welcome,

The John Clarke Retirement Center Board of Directors.

Mission Statement

The John Clarke Retirement Center will endeavor to provide in a Christian atmosphere, a retirement living philosophy that will meet the needs of the elderly community. This approach will include residential services and attempt to provide other services associated with retirement living as warranted.

It is the policy of The John Clarke Retirement Center to admit all residents without regard to race,  sexual orientation, religion, and/or handicap. The same requirements for admission are applied to all and tenants are assigned apartments within the facility without regard for any of the above.

Telephone Numbers

Business Office… 401-846-0743

Middletown Police (non- emergency)… 401-846-1144


Middletown Fire (non- emergency)… 401-846-1031


RESCUE – 911

The Apartment


Each apartment is furnished with an electric stove and refrigerator. The tenant must provide all other furnishings.


The John Clarke Retirement Center insures the building and Center owned property, however, residents must insure their own possessions if coverage is desired.

The Kitchen

The hood over the stove contains a two- speed exhaust fan operated by a push button switch on the front of the hood. The hood also has a two-level light operated by a push button switch. The lower wattage setting is intended as an optional night-light. The refrigerator is frost-free and requires just a wipe down to keep it clean and in good operating order.  The stove is electric with a self cleaning oven.  The instruction manual can be found in the bottom drawer.


There is a connector for cable television. Cable installation and monthly fees are the responsibility of the tenant.  The cable television carrier in the community is Cox Communications.

Heat Controls

The heating system is gas forced hot water. The thermostat (located in the corner of the Living Room) should be turned counter-clockwise to raise the temperature (move knob to a higher number) and clockwise to lower the temperature (move knob to a lower number). An electric heater is mounted near the ceiling in the bathroom for radiant heat. The on/off/ temperature control is located on the unit itself. This heater is unnecessary except for the coldest of weather and then we ask that you contact the Business Office if you would like it turned on/off/or adjusted and a maintenance person will be sent to you. Also in the bathroom is a heat lamp in the ceiling. A timer switch on the wall controls this lamp.

Doorbell / Security System

The doorbell at the front entrance of the apartments is connected to the intercom panel on each apartment kitchen wall. When a visitor buzzes, depress the talk button to ask who is at the door. Next depress the listen button to hear the response, if you would like the visitor to enter the building depress the door button to release the front door lock.  It is very important, for your safety and the safety of everyone in the building, to know who it is at the door before releasing the lock.

Other Security Suggestions

Always lock your door when you leave your apartment and remember to take your keys with you. Please keep copies of your keys to a minimum. Never give your keys to delivery people or homemakers. Report lost keys to the Business Office immediately. Please use the peephole in your door to visually identify a visitor before opening the door. Do not prop open doors. To comply with personal and safety regulations the propping of exit doors is prohibited.


Residents are responsible for their own telephone installation and expense. Telephone jacks are located in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Air conditioners

Each living room has a wall sleeve ready for an air conditioner should the tenant desire one. The unit will be purchased and maintained at the tenant’s expense. Please contact the Business Office for the size and type of unit required to efficiently cool the apartment. Frequently the departing tenant leaves a unit behind when they leave. In those cases the unit is available for the new tenant however the facility takes no responsibility for the condition of the unit.


Each apartment has a separate electric meter and the tenant is billed monthly by the electric company for service.  It is necessary for the new tenant to call National Grid for the service to be initiated. When leaving, the tenant should also notify National Grid so the meter can be read and a final bill prepared.


Please contact the maintenance department if you wish assistance in hanging pictures or other items on the walls. They will be happy to install hangers strong enough to hold the weight of the item.

Mail Service

Each apartment is assigned a mailbox in the main lobby on the first floor. Every tenant is issued a key to his or her own box. The US Postal Service is responsible for the delivery and pick up of your mail.

Beauty / Barber Shop

The Beauty / Barber Shop is open to Retirement Center tenants as posted.  A local beautician operates the shop. All appointments and payments are made directly to the beautician.

Temporary Absences

If you intend to leave the facility for 24 hours or more please be sure to notify the Business Office prior to your departure. This information is needed should an emergency arise.

Private Cars

Parking spaces for tenants are along the front of the building. There are no assigned spaces. Visitor parking is along the back of the parking lot. Unregistered vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense.  When snow is expected, tenants are asked to park in visitor section to assist snow plows to do the best job possible cleaning of the snow.


Two washers and dryers are available in the laundry room on the first floor for tenant use. A monthly charge takes the place of coin operated machines. We also offer a wash and fold laundry service for an additional fee. Please contact the Business Office if you would like to take advantage of this service.  * Everyone pays this fee regardless of use of machines.

Rubbish Disposal

Rubbish barrels are in the janitor’s closets near the elevator on both floors to receive any waste material. Garbage should be placed in a plastic bag and tied before placing in the barrels. Rubbish barrels may also be found in the stairwells at the North and South ends of the building. Recycling bins are in the stairwell across from the mailboxes.  It is the tenants responsibility to bring the trash to the barrels.

The Business Office

The Business Office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Postage stamps, up to ten (10) per day, may be purchased at the Business Office during these times.


All fees are payable in the Business Office on or about the first of the month. Fees include, but are not limited to, rent, meals, tray delivery, and laundry service.


The Maintenance Department is on-call for maintenance service. If you have a routine maintenance problem simply call the Business Office with your request. Emergency, after hours, maintenance is available by calling the Main Number, 846-0743 and selecting #3 from the menu..



Meals are served in the Retirement Center Dining Room, next to the Nursing Center Main Dining Room. Tenants who wish to sign up for meals should register their intent with the Nursing Office prior to 10:30 a.m. Tenants may choose to have a tray delivered to their apartments for a nominal fee. Tenants will be charged only for the meals for which they order and will be billed for the meals the following month.  All three meals are available with the noon meal being the “big” meal of the day.  Supper is the “lighter” meal it is usually a soup and sandwich.  Menus for the week are posted on the bulletin boards on both floors.


A Transportation Assistant is available weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. as needed to provide transportation to medical appointments on Aquidneck Island only. Tenants are responsible for scheduling requested transportation with the Apartment Nurse.  As much advanced notice as possible is appreciated.  Recreational transportation, other than provided for The John Clarke related activities, is the tenant’s responsibility.  Offering a “tip” for transportation services is not required and you are asked to kindly refrain from doing so.

The Nursing Program

Currently the John Clarke Retirement Center has a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) on duty seven days a week, 7am to 3pm to provide modest nursing care such as blood pressure monitoring, answering general health questions, and assistance in obtaining in-home care. The CNA also maintains emergency medical and next of kin information.

The Nurse coordinates meal request / changes with the dietary staff and delivers meal trays to apartments when such a request is made. Assisted whirlpool baths are available through this program. The baths are beneficial for those who have limited mobility and / or balance problems, poor circulation or arthritic discomfort.

Of course the nurse is available for emergency calls and responds immediately to assess the situation and take the appropriate action. In an emergency the Nurse can be reached either by telephone (846-0743 x117) or by pulling one of the two emergency cords located in the apartment bedroom or bathroom.

After hours the same telephone number may be called in an emergency and our 24- hour, on call maintenance person will respond. However, in the case of a true medical emergency it is always best to call 911.

Routine nursing care of a daily nature must be arranged by the tenant at his or her own expense. Local services are available, i.e. Visiting Nurse Service, home health care agencies, etc. The Retirement Center Nurse has information in her office on these agencies and will be happy to assist you should the need arise.

Within one week of move in, the Nurse will contact you to assist you in filling out a medical emergency information sheet. It is important this sheet be prepared and left in an envelope attached to the side of your refrigerator. In the event of a medical emergency the Rescue Service personnel know where the information can be found quickly. The form contains all the information necessary for admission to the hospital and instructions on how to contact your family members.

Religious Opportunities

The John Clarke Retirement Center has a Chaplain on staff for our residents.  The Chaplains office is located on the second floor of the center in room “E”.  Residents are encouraged to use the services of the Chaplain for their spiritual or religious needs. Religious services and programs are open to all residents and their guests regardless of their religious affiliation.

Every Monday afternoon Services are held in the chapel at 3:30 p.m.  These services are conducted by our Chaplain.  Following the service tea is served downstairs in the Activities Room.

An Episcopal Priest celebrates the Eucharist in our chapel once a month and a Catholic Priest holds a mass monthly. If your spiritual needs are not met by any of the above please contact the Administrator with your request and every effort will be made to accommodate you.

Special services may be held on certain Holy days, Memorial Services will be held at least quarterly. Please watch the calendar of events for notice of these events.


A Director of Activities is on staff for 20 hours per week. Special programs, activities, and trips are scheduled according to tenant’s particular interests. An Activities calendar is prepared each month listing all activities and scheduled times. All tenants are invited to attend any and all activities they wish. Twice weekly the Activities Director takes anyone who wishes to go, shopping in the mini bus. Stops of interests are the post office, various banks, pharmacies and the grocery store. If you have a particular interest that is not being addressed by our activities program or you have a special hobby you would like to share please contact the Director of Activities.

A meeting of The John Clarke Retirement Center tenants is scheduled for every second Thursday of the month. All tenants are encouraged to attend and voice their concerns. The meeting is held in the Chapel at 3:00 p.m.

There are many common rooms throughout the building for the use of everyone.   Daily newspapers can be found on the second floor in the “Reading Room”,   just before the entrance to the Nursing Center. The newspapers are for all the tenants and should be left for everyone’s pleasure.

Pet Policy

We welcome you to bring your pet when you move in. For the purpose of this policy, “pet” is defined as a domesticated animal such as a dog or cat, under 40 pounds, a bird, rodent, fish or turtle that is traditionally kept in the home for pleasure rather than commercial purposes. The pet policy does not apply to animals that are used to assist the handicapped.

Any tenant who wishes to keep a pet must complete an application for pet ownership. The forms are available in the Business Office. Applications will be accepted or denied at the discretion of the Administrator.

Fire Drill Policy and Procedure

Information:  All apartments are equipped with a smoke detector that buzzes loudly in the event of smoke and a heat sensor in the event of a rapid temperature change in the apartment suggesting a fire. The heat sensor also buzzes loudly. For our hearing / sight impaired, or otherwise handicapped tenants, all reasonable measures will be taken to provide alternate forms of accommodations to warn of smoke / fire danger.


Upon admission you will be given a copy of our actual Fire / Evacuation Procedure.

This handbook may not answer all of your questions. Please feel free to contact the Business Office with any other questions you have.

Once again, Welcome to the John Clarke Retirement Center.

Procedures For Vacating an Apartment

  1. Whenever possible, notice to vacate should be given 30 days in advance. If not 30 days, as soon as possible.
  2. All furniture and belongings must be removed from the apartment. Please do not leave cleaning supplies or trash behind.
  3. The apartment must be thoroughly cleaned. Kitchen appliances, cabinets, floors, windows, bathrooms, etc.
  4. A walk-through with a JCRC designee is required when turning in apartment keys.
  5. All keys must be handed in – we cannot allow you to keep the mailbox key for “a few days”. Be sure to place a change of address card with the post office.
  6. Contact the electric company, phone company, and cable company with a disconnection date.
  7. Please leave the refrigerator ON.