Chaplain's Services

John Clarke seeks to establish an environment in which each person’s spirit may flourish in each stage of their living.

Chaplains are dedicated to supporting persons without regard to religious allegiance.  A Chaplain offers whatever comfort and companionship might be appropriate.  Confidentiality and resident choice are respected at all times.  No attempt is ever made to change anyone’s commitments.

The goal is to provide opportunities for residents to attend to their own spirituality if and as they wish.  To this end we offer:  worship; prayer groups; group conversations; one-to-one conversations; the chance to connect with the leadership in a community of faith of their choice; and the chance to observe requested religious rituals within their tradition.

Our Chaplain, the Rev. Dr. Robert Morton-Ranney, worked in churches in Ontario, Connecticut and Rhode Island before moving to hospice.  He has provided community education and clinical in-services in ethics and end-of-life care, and has taught college courses in ethics and world religions in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  He graduated from the University of Toronto, in Philosophy, and has a Ph.D. from Yale University, in Religious Studies.

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